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Как воспрепятствовать референдуму в Крыму
Как воспрепятствовать референдуму в Крыму

1. В каждом населенном пункте люди не согласные с идеей етого референдума должны собраться в 12ч 16 марта в одном месте, достаточно открытом и вдали от избирательны участков, и стоять, просто стоять никого не провоцируя.

2. Власти Украины должны ЗАРАНЕЕ попросить США и Европу заранее настроить свои спутники сосканировать эти собрания и оценить примерное количество собравшихся людей (это очень просто для них).

Если количество собравшихся будет значительным это позволит ДОКАЗАТЕЛЬНО
уличить власти Крыма и Россию в фальсификации!

3. В тех городах и поселках где в 12ч будет облачно нужно собраться еще и еще раз, или стоять и не расходиться до тех пор пока не развиднеется.

Сергей Ивашкович,
Доктор физ. - мат наук.

To : Senator John McCain

From : Professor Sergey Ivashkovich

Subject: How to efficiently jeopardize the pro-Russian referendum in Crimea.

Dear Senator,

knowing your active and always clear position towards Ulraine I invite you to take a quick look
on this plan (4 lines below are sufficient) and decide if it will be appropriate for you to use your influence and connections to make this plan work.

Short plan: people of Crimea penincula of Ukraine who are against this fake referendum quietly occupy on Sunday noon, March 16 some open places in their towns and villages far from voting offices and US satellites estimate their numbers. These numbers of «no-voters», if big enough, will jeopardize entirely this «referendum». If these numbers will occur to be not big enough this will make no harm anyway.

Detailed plan:

1. For this plan to work it is important to understand that roughly 15% of population in Crimea
are the indigenous people of this peninsula called Tatars of Crimea (about 290 000 from
1 900 000). They always suffered heavily from russian occupants and were expelled entirely by Stalin from their homeland Crimea to Uzbekistan in 1944. Ukrainian Goverment after 1991 gave them the permission to return home. Strongly anti-russian motivated and well organized this community at these days unifies around it all pro-ukrainian forces (estimated 55% of total population of Crimea), it has structures (Mejlis of Crimean Tatars) and volonteers able to act. In fact the situation is even better: a big part (about 400 000) of entirely pro-russian population is concentrated in a very few districts (counties), mainly in russian naval base Sevastopol and around it. Therefore the part of tatar population in other districts reaches mostly the numbers as high as 20 % or 30%, see the map here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Crimea...01-num.svg

In these districts tatars together with other anti-referendum forces can insure the security of peaceful gatherings. In other districts there is a risk that such gatherings could be disperced with force.

2. Therefore on Sunday, March 16 at 12 o'clock (6 a.m. East Coast time) the local anti-referendum
people should gather at quiet open places far from voting offices (GPS coordinates of these places
better to determine in advance) and quietly wait. They should not in any case even approach the voting offices/places. Everything will be falsified there (everybody in Crimea understands this).

3. US satellites should estimate the number of persons gathered at these places (the weather forecast
seems to be ruther good right now for March 16, mostly sunny). Local people should stand at these
places during a reasonably long time (say 2 hours) to be sure that they are detected by satellites. Better if every such place will have in its disposal a volonteer (preferably crimean tatar) with a GPS device. Forced dispercing of these gatherings should be specifically detected  and filed!

The expected outcome: Separatists already declared that they will obtain 80% approval of their
demande to break from Ukraine. The proposed plan will jeapardize this number almost surely. Therefore this «referendum» will be seen worldwide not only as «illegal» but also as such that brutally falcified !

The eventual counter play from russian side: can be only to disperce the people in places where
the percentage of tatars is not high enough. But this will be detected by satellits and have an opposite effect!

Whom to contact: Along the Ukrainian officials in Kiev the principal contact for this paln should be the Chairman of Mejlis (parliment) of the Crimean Tatars Mr. Refat CHUBAROV. Turks have a very tight contacts with Mr. Chubarov and Mejlis. Few days ago the minister of foreign affairs of the republic of Turkey Mr Ahmet Davutoglu met Mr Chubarov in Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. They could put in touch with him immediately. It is tatars who cal and will do the job on the ground.

Sergey Ivashkovich,
Professor of Mathematical Department
University of Lille-1
59655 Villeneuve d'Acsq

ivachkov[at]math.univ-lille1.fr tel..off: 0033320436791 tel.pr: 0033320542941 fax:
Ваши логические заключения попахиват, откровенно говоря, коричневым софизмом.
Так ведь и сейчас со спутников видна военная техника в населенных пунктах Крыма. И легко прослеживаются исходные пункты передвижения этой техники. Есть соответствующие решения и международных организаций и Конституционного суда Украины.

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