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Манафорта зізнання ....

"From 'Obama's jews' to a 'European hot dog stand for a modern Ukraine' - inside Paul Manafort's conspiracy to defraud the government and conceal millions through off-shore accounts, bank loans and off-the-books lobbying"
  • "New government charging documents reveal new details about former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort's schemes
  • He created a center for 'Modern Ukraine' in Brussels and claimed it, rather than the Ukrainian president and party, was his client
  • A participating employee called it a 'fig leaf on a fig leaf'
  • Actively lobbied U.S. lawmakers and officials and engaged lobby firms despite failure to register 
  • Plan to 'tarnish' jailed Ukrainian leader Yulia Tymoshenko"
  • Personal updates to pro-Russia Ukrainian President Yanukovich 
  • Engaged 'Obama jews' to pressure administration
  • Used Cyprus funds to buy $2.9 million Soho condo, charging thousands per week on Airbnb
  • Bought homes with funds termed loans to avoid paying income taxes to the IRS
  • Pushed 'no fingerprints' story that Ukrainian rival Yulia Tymoshenko had 'paid for the murder of a Ukrainian official'
  • Wanted to 'plant some stink on Tym' "


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